Disadvantages of biting nails


Disadvantages of biting nails

Do you also fall prey to them….??


  • Nail cutting is considered a common practice and is estimated to be around the world 20 to 30% of people suffer from this habit, but medical experts attribute this stress, anxiety, and weakness to the habit.


  • According to experts, numerous germs are found inside the nails, if any If you are in the habit of clipping nails, they should sooner rather than later because this habit can have adverse health effects.


  • According to The Academy of General Dentistry the habit of chewing nails not only damages our teeth and gums, but it also affects the digestive system.
  • People with this habit are at risk of getting a finger infection because nail chewing goes directly into the stomach Which gives rise to diseases such as cholera, gastrointestinal disorders and abdominal pain.


  • Nail clipping increases the chances of nausea and cold, as well as strong immune impairment, causing the germs to break down easily on the body.


  • If the disease is not relieved then this habit can lead to fatal diseases and man can lose a healthy life.

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