Harmful Effects of Sun Rays

Harmful effects of sun rays

Summer has begun In such a situation we all face many problems, including sun rays that play little to no effect on the body as well as the skin.

As summer approaches, fear spreads to people. Where the heat warms it becomes a question mark for health and skin.
Many people, especially most women, are very sensitive to skin. In hot weather, change in normal weather can cause them skin problems. They either have fine granules on their face, or spots that are often referred to as melasma, and they also have skin problems.

1. Skin Problems in the Summer:

  • Grain on the skin and the filling and then becoming a wound in the event of a burst.

  • There are grains or light lines on the skin that face.

  • As the dryness of the skin increases, the effects of the skin become appear when the skin starts to dry from the inside.

  • Sun exposure directly on the face. The color of the face changes and the skin becomes darker and much lighter than anywhere else.

  • Most people’s skin is so greasy in the summer that makeup does not even mention the appearance of it. And especially office c Women who are bored face a lot of problems.

  • There is a lack of water inside the skin and the skin loses moisture, which causes the skin to become dull, rough and blocked.

  • When the sun’s rays fall on the body, it first affects the face, hands and neck, which is why sensitive people protect their face, hands and neck in the summer.


Sunblock is your best friend in summer

  • Bio Labs Sunblock Lotion protects your skin in the summer that leaves friends behind.

  • Sun block Lotion as works, if you intend to get out in the sun, you must first take advantage of sun block lotion.

  • Sun’s skin and sun’s flame act as a protective wall between the rays and prevent sunlight from affecting the skin.

  • Sun block Lotions are used in small amounts compared to normal lotions. Provides superior results.

  • Bio Labs product contains ingredients that not only protect the skin from sunlight but also counteract the effects of sunlight.


Summer Skin Protection Tips:

In addition to the use of medicines and sunblock, there are some things that are more important that protect the skin from the sun’s rays in the summer and to give the skin a fresh look. 

The first and foremost thing of these is to drink more water so that the moisture from the skin that has been dried up will be able to replenish moisture and help the skin Be optimistic, make the most of juicy fruits and juices, try to get as much sleep as possible, but do not let go of your hands if you get a chance during the day besides night sleep.



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