Homemade tips to get rid of head lice

Homemade tips to get rid of head lice

Head lice are a common and important problem for Children and women. Mothers of school-going children in particular are very upset about this. At school, lice move in children’s heads. If lice fall in the head of a person in the house, then the whole house is shamed. There are several reasons for the presence of lice in the head, including the use of non-standard shampoo or wet hair or the lack of good shampooing on someone else’s scarf or pillow or comb, which can be a major cause of anxiety. Are made Some household tips can be used to eliminate them.


Tip No. 1

  • Neem leaf juice – 3 tablespoons.

  • Salt … A teaspoon.

Now mix the juice and salt in a bowl and mix it thoroughly with the roots of the hair and after 30 minutes wash the head, then shampoo can do this once a week. The lice will die only once applied..



Tip No. 2

  • Black Pepper powder … Half teaspoon.

  • Mustard oil: 1 spoon.

    Mix it well and Massage the head together. Comb After 15 minutes of massage.


Tip No. 3

Take a lemon and cut it off in the middle and then rub it in the hair so that its juice reaches the roots of the hair. Let it remain for 2 hours, then boil the Neem leaves in half and wash with this water.


Tea tree oil, Arugula oil and clove oil are also useful in eliminating lice. However, whatever oil you use, first place some check that you are not allergic to it.
Be careful!

This water should not go into the eyes.
The yoke will be completely removed and the hair will shine.



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