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Chocolate Dalgona cake
Chocolate Dalgona cake

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The ingredients needed to prepare Chocolate Dalgona cake:
  1. Provide 150 gm maida
  2. Use 100 gm sugar
  3. Use 100 gm curd
  4. You need 60 ml butter
  5. Get 30 gm cocoa powder
  6. Provide 4 gm baking powder
  7. Use 1 pinch baking soda
  8. Prepare Vanila essence
  9. You need 1 spoon Coffee powder
  10. Use Frosting
  11. Prepare 4 spoon Coffee
  12. Take 4 spoon Sugar
  13. Provide 4 spoon Water
  14. Take 50 gm Chocolate compound
  15. Prepare 30 gm Fresh cream
Instructions to make Chocolate Dalgona cake:
  1. In a bowl take oil sugar and curdn whisk it till get fluffy
  2. Grease cake mold and spread maida over it, keep it a side
  3. Pre heat the oven at the temperature of 280
  4. Now mix all the dry ingredients in this bowl
  5. Mix it well with cut and fold method with spoon
  6. Add 3 spoon water and make a perfect batter
  7. Pour it into cake mold and bake it for 25 minutes
  8. Let the cake cool down and refrigerate for 2 hours
  9. In a bowl take coffee sugar and water and whisk it till get fluffy
  10. Cut the cake horizontally in two parts
  11. Spread the sugar syrup and dolgana between both cake slices
  12. Now cover all over the cake with dolgana batter
  13. In double boiler melt chocolate and cream together and spread it on top of the cake
  14. Again refrigerator the cake for half hour.. and surprise your dad with this yummy cake

I will illustrate both the methods so that when you try the recipe you can. Dalgona Coffee trend has been going around for months now, I too made it and it tasted delicious. So I thought why not try making a chocolate coffee cake without eggs and butter and frost it with the. In a move that should surprise no one, it tastes as incredible on top of this chocolate cake as it does in a cup. Dalgona coffee cake,Coffee cake recipe,how to make coffee cake.

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